POLAR 3-Side Trimmer

POLAR 3-Side Trimmer BC 330

the Book Cutter with 18.5" touchscreen display

The sturdy and networkable 3-Side Trimmer POLAR BC 330 is the latest development for automatically cutting perfect-bound or saddle-stitched products (e.g. books). In contrast to three-knife trimmers, it only has one knife for cutting three sides.

  • Integration into the digital workflow
  • Variable size options from product to product
  • Cutting unit – easily accessible enabling a swift and simple knife change
  • Minimum maintenance required due to the use of innovative materials

A gripper puts the product into the correct cutting position. The cut is hydraulic, which enables the time the knife spends in the bottom dead center to be adapted to the material. The robust cutting unit guarantees a precise cut that is gentle on the material. The applied pressure can be infinitely adjusted to every material to be cut within a large adjustment range.

To increase performance, several products, stacked on top of each other, can be cut simultaneously.

The BC 330 is operated from an ergonomically positioned 18.5" touchscreen display.

Repeat cut sizes can be saved and adapted at any time.

In order to start the cutting program automatically, the machine can be equipped with a bar-code reader. This allows setup times to be reduced to almost zero.

Technical Data
Performance max. (single | multiple block) Books/h 220 600
Inner book untrimmed, min. | max. mm 107 x 152 305 x 330
Inner book trimmed, min. | max. mm 105 × 148 303 × 326
Head and tail trim, min. | max. mm 2 91
Front trim, min. | max. mm 2 200
Book thickness, min. | max. mm 2 51

Configuring with

1 Option to

  • Barcode

    Barcode - Enables automatic loading of the appropriate cutting program

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