POLAR LabelSystem DC-11

POLAR LabelSystem DC-11

System for the highly automated in-line production of die-cut labels

POLAR LabelSystem DC-11 is designed for the highly automated in-line production of banded die-cut labels. The menu-driven system setup makes operation easier and reduces make-ready time.

The workflow:

First of all, a POLAR high-speed cutter cuts the label material to strips, either in-line or off-line. Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 25 takes the strips and cuts them into label stacks. A pusher device at the Autocut 25 front table takes the label stack to the DC system die-cutter.

After die-cutting the label stacks are automatically pushed to the single-station bander BD where they are banded. The ultra-sonic welding unit integrated in the BD needs no preheating, is always ready for operation and saves the material. No annoyance caused by bad smell.

Component highlights:

  • Automatic cutter Autocut 25 with alternate knife frame allows preparation off the machine.
  • System die-cutter DC is equipped with an alternate-frame system with patent positioning aid which allows preparation off the machine. An alternate frame in center position allows the easiest alignment to the right and left sides (patented). Size adjustment of gauge and feeder unit is carried out without any tools and synchronous via hand wheel (patented). For setting the register the stamping punch can be continuously extended millimeter by millimeter.
  • On POLAR single-station bander BD size adjustment is motor-driven via central control display. This allows also a precision adjustment in automatic operation.

POLAR LabelSystem DC-11
Technical Data
Label size, min. 20 x 40 mm
Label size, max. 170 x 210 mm
Die-cut format, min. 16 x 36 mm
Die-cut format, max. 166 x 206 mm
Clamp opening, min. 35 mm
Clamp opening, max. 125 mm
Max. performance per minute 16 cycles


Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 25

Automatic cutting machine POLAR Autocut 25

the key component of the DC-11, DCC-11 and SC-25 LabelSystems for the efficient production of die-cut labels

Die-cutter POLAR DC

System die-cutter POLAR DC

uses the puncture principle and is suitable for all common label papers

Single-Head Bander POLAR BD

Single-Station Bander POLAR BD

a component of a POLAR LabelSystems DC. It automatically bands labels.

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