POLAR LabelSystem DCC-12

POLAR LabelSystem DCC-12

Counter-pressure based system for compressible materials, and a highly-automated in-line production

POLAR LabelSystem DCC-12 is designed for the highly automated in-line production of banded die-cut labels made of compressible materials, such as OPP foils for in-mold. The future-proof, new industrial control system enables remote maintenance and diagnostics, as well as integration into the digital workflow. The new DCC-12 has received a significant performance upgrade. The new control system has enabled improvements to various parts of the system, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity. The new DCC-12 achieves an output of 10 cycles per minute.

The workflow:

  • Strips are conveyed to the loading table of the AC Autocut 25 PLUS where they are being cut into label stacks
  • A pusher device moves the stacks to the System Die-Cutter DCC (counter-pressure principle) where the stack is given its intended shape
  • After die-cutting the label stacks are automatically pushed to the Single-Station Bander BD where they are banded

Component highlights:

  • Industrial control system enables remote services as well as integration into the digital workflow
  • High performance of up to 600 cycles per 60 minutes with a minimum of manpower
  • Capacitive colour display with touch function enables faster, more intuitive operation
  • Job changeover at the touch of a button: minimum makeready times and format changeover in approx. 15 minutes thanks to automatic pre-settings
  • Automatic cutter Autocut 25 with alternate knife frame allows preparation off the machine.
  • System die-cutter DCC is also equipped with an alternate-frame system with patent positioning aid which allows preparation off the machine. An alternate frame in center position allows the easiest alignment to the right and left sides (patented). The stamping punch has an interchangeable die plate without recesses. It allows die-cutting without support plates  Since the cutting die has no holding flash on the inside the material will not be welded together.
  • The banding unit allows adjustments while automatic operation is in progress. The ultra-sonic welding unit needs no preheating and is always ready for operation and saves the material. No annoyance caused by bad smell.

Technical Data
Label size, min. 50 x 50 mm
Label size, max. 170 x 250 mm
Die-cut format, min. 46 x 46 mm
Die-cut format, max. 166 x 246 mm
Clamp opening, min. 35 mm
Clamp opening, max. 120 mm
Max. performance per minute 10 cycles
Tool height min. 65 mm
Tool height max. 145 mm


Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 25

Automatic cutting machine POLAR Autocut 25

the key component of the DC-11, DCC-11 and SC-25 LabelSystems for the efficient production of die-cut labels

System die-cutter POLAR DCC

System die-cutter POLAR DCC

uses counterpressure and is therefore particularly well-suited to special materials, such as plastic, metal foils and large label shapes

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