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Adolf Mohr brought vision and strength to bear in laying foundations for a successful enterprise.


Our history

POLAR was founded in 1906 as "Adolf Mohr, Maschinenfabrik" (machine factory) developing from a mechanical workshop. The family's forefathers had been blacksmiths. Since that time the company has not only changed its line of products, but also developed from a regional supplier to the largest global supplier of high-speed cutters.


From the first days after the company was established on 24 September, up to the Second  World War, the factory had built machines for the regional timber industry in the Taunus area. Adolf Mohr was granted several patents for wood and metal working machines.

1920 POLAR logo 1920

This was the year when the name POLAR was adopted. Adolf Mohr was the first manufacturer to produce ball-bearing cutter blocks. This innovation prevented the cutter blocks from overheating when they were rotating at high speed in lamina planing machines. During their operation the “poles” of the cutter blocks, i.e. the bearings, remained cool, - as cool as the poles of the Earth. So the name “POLAR” soon spread across the world along with the cutter block, which was characterized by its patented knife fixture.

1940 POLAR logo 1940

The second POLAR logotype was created. It was used until 1960


Since the better known cutting machine manufacturers of that time were all based in the Eastern part of Germany, there was no such supplier in Western Germany after the war.  Karl and Rudolf Mohr used their connections to the graphics trade, made the most of this unique opportunity and started to develop high-speed cutters.


First POLAR cutter with electrical control system


First cutter with electromagnetic clutch. Beginning of the partnership with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen.


First drupa held in Düsseldorf with POLAR


First cutter with electronically assisted control – light scanning system


First cutter with direct optical measurement indicator at eye-level (O.M.A.)

First cutter with optical cutting line indicator

First cutter in Europe with air cushion table


First cutter with direct magnetic tape control - ELTROMAT

First cutter with self-adherent SINUS cutting stick


First cutter with fixed stack lifts


First cutter with flexible false clamp

The 5,000th POLAR machine was sold at the 1958 drupa

1960 POLAR logo 1960

Third POLAR logotype. Used until 1992


First cutter with air conveyor system


First cutter equipped with retractable side gauges

The 10,000th POLAR was sold at the 1962 drupa


First cutter with hydraulic clutch

First cutter featuring mechanical knife change


First cutter equipped with a monitor - POLAR Telexact (precondition for fully automatic remote control and external programming)

First cutter equipped with tilt tables

First cutter equipped with air-pallet system


First cutter equipped with identical lay guides on the cutter and the printing press - FIXOMAT

The first cutting school worldwide was founded in Hofheim

The 20,000th POLAR machine was sold at drupa ’67


The new POLAR high-speed cutter generation, models 90/ 115/ 150


First cutter with loading and unloading systems – POLAR Transomat


First cutter with diagnostic service via test computer (POLAR Dignotest)


First cutter with electronic limitation of the backgauge movement


First cutter offering fully-automatic loading - Transomat 3 BL


First computer-controlled cutter with exchangeable electronic memory - ELTROMAT CNC

First cutter equipped with a direct linear measuring system

First cutter with fully automatic feeding of accurately aligned printed sheets - POLAR Transojog


First cutter with microcomputer control and exchangeable electronic memory – POLAR EMC


First cutter with knife lift (allowing a quick knife change)

50,000th POLAR machine worldwide


First cutter with special loading device for wrapped papers: POLAR Transomat A


First cutter with automatic waste removal and automatic collection of cut labels on support plates - POLAR Autotrim


First cutter with piling-board buffer system


First cutter with movable 12" monitor


First cutter with color monitor

First cutter provided with automatic clamping pressure regulation

First system for computer assisted, external generation of cutting programs with automatic transfer to the cutting machine - POLAR Compucut

First fully automatic cutting system for multiple strip-cutting - POLAR Autocut


New construction, first part of "Central machine assembly"


New construction of "Center of technical offices and show rooms"

POLAR footbridge, Hattersheimer Straße (27 June)

First cutter with automatic graphic programming and program optimization


First cutter with 64-KB (mobile) memory card

First cutter equipped with turning gripper

First fully automatic system for marking counted layers of printed sheets and accurate separation of layers from piles: POLAR Chip-Marker

First cutter with front quick-knife-change, front precision adjustment and automatic stop at bottom dead center

First automatic blowing and fanning device to facilitate the jogging process

1992 POLAR logo

POLAR 176, the new high-speed cutter for large size formats

introduction of a new POLAR company image and concept - POLAR 2000, including POLAR company logo no. 4


New high-speed cutter generation featuring e.g. color display and process visualization


100,000th POLAR machine (drupa '95)

First cutter with cut optimization (accelerated cutting sequence)


POLAR 66, the new high-speed cutter for small printed items

First Company Certification to DIN EN ISO 9001

New construction, second part of "Central machine assembly"


New generation of POLAR peripheral equipment (stack lifts, automatic joggers, Transomat units)

New POLAR 78 (ES/ED) generation

New central warehouse (with goods receiving department)

POLAR is on the Internet


New staff building

New Transomat B series

POLAR acquires a 51% share of bandpack


New central peripheral equipment assembly facility

New shipping warehouse


POLAR develops a pile turner

New automatic jogger RAH

New piling-board shelf STR

New paint shop


First high-speed cutter suitable for video conferences: PCM (POLAR Control Management)

POLAR Label Systems

Recertification to DIN EN ISO 9001


First fully-automatic cutting system allows production to be performed without any operators

POLAR takes over bandpack (100%)


Introduction of the10th generation of POLAR high-speed cutters, with 15“-TFT color monitor, touch screen, new knife change system called OptiKnife, and P-Net networking concept

Start of PACE, a communication with automated cutting systems (short for POLAR Automated Cutting for Efficiency)

A new extension of the peripheral plant is completed


At drupa, a new line of banding machines is presented (BD single-station banders and BM-105 multi-station banders), Autosort multi-downstacker, new Autoturn turning gripper and a fully automated jogging system called Autojog.

Interactive training program available on the Internet


Foundation ceremony for the new spare parts warehouse

Start of construction work for manufacturing facilities in China


100-year company anniversary

Opening of the new POLAR Service Center (PSC) which provides a highly efficient warehouse and dispatch system

Opening of POLAR Postpress Machinery (PPM) in China, with approx. 40 employees

125,000th POLAR machine worldwide


drupa with many innovations and options (amongst others TwinClamp, CountMonitor, PowerMonitor)

130,000th POLAR machine worldwide


Launch of the PickStack restacking station


Introduction of the bar-code scanner and the new counting scale


drupa: Introduction of the new High-Speed Cutter Generation N

The product line is extended by a hydraulic 56 cutting machine

NET control variant


Launch of the BC 330 3-side trimmer

Compucut 5.0

POLAR celebrates 55 years of peripheral equipment


POLAR presents world novelty: EasyLoad

Exclusive distribution with Guillo-Crease


Mohr-Shop Consumables and accessories for cutting

machines can now also be purchased online


10 years of POLAR Postpress Machinery


POLAR celebrates 111 years with anniversary machines

Automation of the cutting process

New look for the Polar logo design  

POLAR invests in new training centre

Compucut GO is launched: the simple "plug and play" variant for cutting programme generation


The new Transomat 4BL loads the material directly onto the high-speed cutter rear table


FARM (Fully Automated Ream Management): In addition to the established PACE systems, Polar also offers concepts and the implementation of individual automation solutions


Drupa 2020 is cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. Other trade fairs also follow. The next Drupa will take place in 2024.

POLAR introduces live demos

New safety device on high-speed cutters: self-monitoring light barriers

POLAR presents the AirGo Jog: Fully automatic, edge-precise material preparation

New minimum format for LabelSystem SC 25: 11 x 27 mm


POLAR celebrates 115th company anniversary

15 years of POLAR Postpress Machinery

POLAR presents world innovation DC-12 Rapid, the fully autonomous system for label production

POLAR integrates future-proof new industrial control system that enables remote service (remote diagnosis and maintenance) for further improved machine availability and integration into the digital workflow.


SOL Capital Management joins POLAR as an investor in February. This was accompanied by a change of company. The activities of Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik GmbH & CO KG are taken over by POLAR Cutting Technologies GmbH.

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