POLAR JoggingSystem Buffer

POLAR JoggingSystem Buffer

Jogging system for preparing material with air-pallet lift

The Buffer Jogging System is meant for precisely preparing reams of cutting material off the high-speed cutter. A counting scale is integrated to allow the preparation of exact quantities for cutting.

The workflow: At a customized working height the operator takes the material off the stack lift and puts it onto the automatic jogger. The precise alignment of the material to be cut, and the resulting improved cutting accuracy lays the foundations of a uniform and high quality of the final product. The air removal feature improves the formation of blocks from the reams to be cut and reduces the production risks once more. The individual reams to be cut are manually pushed onto an air pallet and deposited there. 

POLAR components are also available with optional performance-enhancing features: Air-pallet lift LL-600-K3-BA, an angular board with gripper system to automatically unload the automatic jogger.

Components Medium-size
75 x 106 cm (3b-Format)
Stack lift Model: LW 1200-4
Automatic Jogger Model: RA-4
Air-pallet lift Model: LL-600-K-3
Air-pallet lift (angular boards) Model: LL-600-K-3-BA


POLAR Stack Lifts for loading

Stack Lifts LW

When high-speed cutters need to be loaded, POLAR LW stack lifts ensure better ergonomic conditions and ease the workload by providing a convenient working height.

POLAR Automatic jogger RA

Automatic jogger RA

prepares cutting material in reams

POLAR Air-board lift

POLAR Air-board lift

for compensating different cycle times during the cutting process

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